Juicy Chemistry Lavender water Review – Hydrating facial toning mist for dry to normal skin

Face Mists are must in summers, it hydrates and gives the cooling effect along with the toning properties to it. There are a lot of face mists available in the market but I decided to go for Juicy Chemistry Lavender water as they use 100% organic and natural ingredients in it and Lavender is one of my favorite fragrance.

Juicy Chemistry Lavender Water

Product Details:

The product comes with a spray dispenser bottle with a plastic lid to it, I really like the packaging and it’s very travel-friendly especially if you want to carry it during hot summer days. It has a shelf life of 1 year and contains 100 ml of product which retails for 450 INR.


Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Distillate

How to use:

-Close your eyes and spray directly on to your face, keeping the bottle a few inches away from the face, to hydrate and refresh your skin.
-Spray on to a cotton swab and gently use for cleaning and makeup removal.

Juicy Chemistry Lavender Water


I really loved the packaging it’s very easy to apply and travel-friendly. Lavender is my favorite fragrance and it has anti-inflammatory properties which help the skin from all the redness, sunburn and irritation. I am using this mist from last 3 weeks now and I apply it daily after cleaning my face and it absorbs into my skin in no time. It gives me the perfect hydration and toning that my skin needs in hot days and also maintains it’s level. Overall I really loved this face mist the results are so amazing, all the ingredients are natural and Cosmos Organic Certified. I also add it to my face mask which are in powder form. Please do a patch test before you use.


-Convenient Packaging
-Cosmos Organic Certified
-outer packaging can be recycled
-No Artificial Color & preservatives
-Amazing Fragrance


-Slightly on the expensive side

If you are already using this please let me know in the comment area and also share your experience and check out the links below if interested.

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